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Our Goals
Provide Expert Acoustic Advice
Our ever-expanding knowledge-base allows us to provide cost-effective and streamlined solutions.
Understand Your Needs
We will listen to your needs, present you with robust solutions and deliver acoustic consultancy through our considerable experience.
Show Dedication & Commitment
We work tirelessly to find new and useful ways to help our clients achieve their goals.
What We Can Do For You

AF Acoustics is an independent acoustic consultancy. Our work embraces acoustic surveys, acoustic design and investigation work in the fields of planning and noise, architectural and building acoustics, the monitoring and control of vibrations and air tightness testing.

Whether you are a company or a private individual, we are here to advise and guide you. If you would like to learn more about the acoustic consultancy services we offer, please send an email to or give us a ring.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of acoustic consultancy services.
Acoustic Noise Survey
Noise surveys provide you with a complete understanding of the sound levels at nearby receptors.
Acoustic Sound Consultant
An acoustic consultant works on the control of acoustic conditions in buildings and in the environment.
Acoustic Testing
Building regulations Part E require that buildings are to be tested prior to completion.
Sound Proofing Consultancy
Sound proofing consultancy and sound insulation testing ensures that your floors and walls meet the required sound insulation levels.
Noise Reduction Consulting
AF Acoustics has extensive experience in reducing all types of noise.
Acoustic Design Services
We provide detailed acoustic design services and consultancy on a wide range of buildings.

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Experienced Acoustic and Noise Consultants

Experienced Acoustic and Noise Consultants

Sound insulation testing is required as part of  Part E of building regulations and standards set within England. A new build or dwelling houses and flats formed by change of use (e.g conversions) are required to be compliant with Part E of the building regulation in order to be signed off for approval.

Our History

AF Acoustics was founded in 2015 by Adrian Finn. Before establishing AF Acoustics, Adrian led the London office of one of the UK’s largest acoustics consultancies.

Previously Adrian worked for a couple of large multination companies within their acoustic departments. Our staff have worked a range of topics from planning consents to large infrastructure projects including London’s £15 billion rail scheme – Crossrail.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the sectors our clients work in. Our advice is not only technically robust but also practical and helpful to our client’s particular situation. At AF Acoustics, we always look at the bigger picture and work towards the ultimate development goal.

Our consultants are very experienced and have a proven track record on both small scale projects and major projects. As we are a lean and small company, we have lower overheads and therefore offer exceptional value for money.

Our Clients