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An acoustic consultant is a qualified specialist that works with clients to control acoustic conditions in buildings and in the environment. Prioritising deadlines and being adaptable plays a key part in being an acoustic consultant. A typical day for an acoustic consultant consists of carrying out surveys, conducting tests, arranging meetings and planning.

At AF acoustics, we conduct acoustic consultancy work in London and the surrounding areas for a wide range of clients.

So, what do we actually do for our clients?

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What Does An Acoustic Consultant Do?

An acoustic consultant is tasked with controlling the acoustic conditions of a property or environment. The day to day of an acoustic consultant can be varied. The variation of tasks range from measuring noise to making predictions on how noise will behave.

At AF acoustics, we are able to offer our expertise on almost any project whilst many others choose to specialise in particular areas. Much of the work of an acoustic consultant can be split into either environmental noise or building acoustics.

Building Acoustics

By definition, building acoustics refer to how sound interacts within a building. Our acoustic consultants are able to calculate the sound reverberation time and also give advice on how to control it.

At AF Acoustics, we advise details such as the materials that should be used on walls and roofing in order to keep sound out. Building materials will vary depending on the environment. For example, a bar or nightclub is a different acoustic environment to a residential build and therefore would require different wall and floor makeups. In addition to this, our acoustic consultants offer design advice and recommend materials for partitions in buildings. This can help to create separation between spaces and therefore produce a better level of privacy.

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Enviromental Noise Consultancy

Environmental noise consultancy consists of testing a proposed building and how it will affect the acoustic environment for people nearby. Modifications in design can be made in order to control environmental noise.

It is not uncommon for major building projects to have planning conditions set by the Local Planning Authority. At AF Acoustics, our acoustic consultants conduct noise impact assessments. A noise impact assessment is something a Local Planning Authority will often ask for. This assessment looks at ways to design a building in order to best control noise pollution and to make sure the internal noise levels meet the required standard. Furthermore, our consultants take a proposed building and determine the impact that sound will have on the surrounding area. This analysis is then taken to create ways to minimise noise pollution.

Acoustic Consultants London Can Count On

We carry out acoustic consultancy services in London on a daily basis. Our team work on a clear project timeline and liaise with clients to produce the best possible acoustic solution. We have worked with a wide range of clients and have a wealth of projects under our belt. 

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Our expertise and experience ensures our clients are in good hands. If you are in need of an acoustic consultant, get in touch with us today to discover how we can help.

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