A noise impact assessment is a detailed noise survey which is often required for planning applications. These are requested by local authorities in order to establish the environmental noise impacts of a development. A noise impact assessment will typically involve an assessment of the existing noise environment and comparison of the predicted noise level generated by the proposed development. Noise impact assessments, noise surveys and/or noise tests are normally requested by a Planning Officer or by the Local Authority due to concerns relating to construction of new residential dwellings (or change of use) in a high noise exposure area.

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A noise impact assessment as part of an environmental statement for new residential schemes will usually consider the following:

  1. Noise & vibration due to demolition and construction work
  2. Construction road traffic noise
  3. Noise from new fixed plant at existing residential receptors
  4. Road traffic noise break-in to proposed residential building
  5. Noise due to road traffic generated by the development

Quite often, a noise impact assessment asked for by a planning office or by the local authority will not be as complicated as the above, but will usually include a noise assessment of the suitability of the site for residential use with respect to noise and limits on any plant associated with a development based on the prevailing noise climate. If the site is near a railway line, a local authority may ask for a vibration impact assessment as well.

Most noise impact assessments include outline recommendations for glazing and ventilation to meet internal noise, guided by BS8233 and/or World Health Organisation guidelines and to meet the planning conditions.

Once planning permission has been gained for a scheme or project, it is common for noise related planning conditions to be attached which require discharge prior to works commencing on-site.

If you require a noise impact assessment to support your planning application, we can offer bespoke solutions to best meet your needs.

AF Acoustics and the local authority will liaise together in order to provide specific guidance on the assessment of noise on sites proposed for residential development.

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AF Acoustics can guide you through the activities required to discharge any planning conditions which, for residential development, normally require demonstrating compliance with noise limits or mitigation measures including acoustical performance specifications for building elements including glazing.

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