Residential Acoustics

Approved Document E of the Building Regulations requires pre-completion sound insulation testing for all new build residential dwellings or conversions. AF Acoustics provides acoustic design advice to ensure the floor/ceiling or party wall constructions meet the sound insulation requirements. We can give advice on the specification sound insulation performance of the building envelope to achieve suitable internal ambient noise levels, party wall and floor constructions and treatments to achieve desired reverberation time targets.

Working collaboratively with architect and engineers, we provide a range of building acoustics assessment and testing services to help inform the design process and ensure that the acoustics of the space, is fit for purpose and achieves the relevant design criteria/ Building Regulations.

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School Acoustics

Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) was originally published in 2004 to provide a design guide for dealing with acoustics in new school buildings. The revised document was published in 2014. BB93 provides performance standards, acoustic principles, good design practice.

The acoustic criteria set out in BB93 relates to noise intrusion from external sources, sound insulation requirements between rooms, and control of reverberation times within rooms. Guidance is also provided on additional requirements for pupils with hearing requirements

AF Acoustics can undertake a BB93 assessment which will include undertaking a noise survey to ascertain current noise levels on site. Internal noise level design criteria will be agreed and specified for all areas within the school. Based upon the noise survey data and the agreed internal noise criteria, detailed sound reduction performance specifications will be produced for each of the external building fabric elements. We will specify all internal walls and floors between the rooms within the school. Reverberation times will be set for each of the rooms within the school, and recommendations will be given on the amount of absorptive material required in each room.

Office Acoustics

AF Acoustics can undertake a noise impact assessment to identify acoustic issues within an office and offer advice on choosing effective floor and wall partitions between office space to ensure the privacy of the users. We also offer advice on sound-absorbing surfaces, such as acoustic ceilings, screens and floor finishes together with appropriate acoustic barriers and partitions and if necessary and noise masking systems. When carefully designed together, these can contribute towards providing an environment that provides maximum acoustic comfort to staff and other users of the building.

Hospital Acoustics

Good acoustic conditions in healthcare buildings improves patient privacy and can help essential sleep patterns. Such conditions are vital for healing.

Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics (HTM-08-01) outlines minimum recommended criteria for acoustics in the design and management of new healthcare developments.

AF Acoustics can provide a noise assessment and give detailed design advice to ensure the health facility meets the acoustic criteria set out HTM-08-01.

Our services include:

  • Design to Approved Document E of the Building Regulations– calculations and modelling – sound insulation (room to room and outside to inside), internal reverberation and Sound Intelligibility Index
  • School acoustics design/assessment services in accordance with BB93 and other relevant standards
  • BREEAM design and testing services to achieve relevant acoustics credits
  • Offices and retail units – building acoustics modelling, design and mitigation services
  • Hospital acoustic design/assessment in accordance to HTM-08-01
  • Noise and vibration surveys to help inform the design process
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