Industrial Noise Surveys

AF Acoustics provides industrial noise assessments and recommendations for different types of noise mitigation. We cover noise that impact workers as well as noise and vibration impacts on surrounding communities from industrial noise. We monitor noise or vibration levels in and around industrial facilities, identify and rank contributing sources, and advise on mitigation approaches. Our consultants work with Local Authorities, the Environment Agency and various industries to monitor and assess noise and vibration produced by heavy industry and to determine mitigation options. Our acoustic consultants are accustomed to working on high profile projects with community activism and media coverage, such as Crossrail. AF Acoustics have consulted on noise control to limit employee noise exposure in existing manufacturing plants and in facilities under design.

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Industrial noise control can apply to a number of areas ranging from planning assessments for new facilities, plant or equipment, assessing existing sites and advising on noise control, to address noise complaints from neighbours, provide noise chapters for EIA assessments of large schemes and assess noise affecting employees in terms of the Noise at Work regulations.

Industrial noise from plant often requires noise control engineering to lower noise levels within facilities and ensure a safe working environment. This can have the added benefit of reducing noise levels for nearby residents and businesses.

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Typical noise and vibration reduction techniques are:

  • acoustic barriers
  • acoustic lagging
  • acoustic baffles
  • vibration isolation
  • damping
  • aerodynamic analysis of fans

We can provide industrial noise consulting services for large range of projects including the following:

  • mining processing facilities
  • oil drilling and pumping facilities
  • steel forges and foundries
  • automotive parts distribution facilities
  • manufacturing plants
  • metal shredders
  • commercial laundering plants
  • food processing and packaging plants
  • automotive painting facilities
  • automotive assembly plants
  • waste water treatment plants and pumping stations

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