What is BS5228?

BS5228 refers to the need for the protection against noise and vibration of persons living and working in the vicinity of and those working on construction and open sites. BS5228 recommends basic methods to control noise on construction and open sites with significant noise levels arising from work activities/operations. Concentrating on predicting and measuring noise and impact assessments for those exposed to it.

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Part 1 of BS5228 provides guidance on mitigation options available. These include engineering measures, restricted hours of working and the setting of boundary or community noise limits.

Part 2 provides 11.2.12. Criteria for the control of building damage and subjective effects of vibration.

The scope of the BS5228 is to recommend methods for controlling noise and vibration related to construction and open site operations, which produce significant noise levels. BS5228 allows evaluation of the possible effects of noise and vibration to those who are exposed to it, therefore recommend actions that should be taken to assure an effective establishment of liaison among the developers, site operators and local authorities can be established.

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