What Is BS8233?

BS8233 (2014) – “Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings” is the British Standard regularly referred to by Local Authority planning departments to ensure that residents of proposed new build or refurbished developments have adequate noise insulation and are suitably protected from noise outside of their building in order to achieve, for example, reasonable sleeping/resting conditions.

BS8233 discusses noise in and around buildings and provides definitions of many acoustic terms. Basic information is provided within the standard for non-specialists who have dealings with acoustics, together with more detailed information for acoustic specialists. The standard deals with the control of noise from outside the building, noise from plant and services within it and room acoustics and suggests appropriate criteria and limits for different situations.

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BS8233 sets out maximum indoor ambient noise level targets for spaces within buildings when unoccupied with the aim of providing a preferred level of acoustic comfort in commercial premises and suitable conditions for resting and sleeping in residential accommodation.

Guidance is also provided on noise targets for outdoor living areas such as gardens and balconies.

BS8233 sets out minimum ambient noise level targets for spaces within buildings when unoccupied with the aim of providing a preferred level of acoustic privacy in spaces such as restaurants and open plan offices.

This code of practice draws on the results of research and experience to provide information on the design of buildings that have internal acoustic environments appropriate to their functions. BS8233 is intended for use by non-specialist designers and constructors of buildings and those concerned with building control, planning and environmental health as well as acoustic consultants.

BS8233 gives guidance on noise levels from road, rail and aircraft noise as well as construction and industrial noise.

BS8233 also includes useful information on sound insulation within residential properties, Noise Rating (NR) Curves and sound insulation values of basic building materials and construction.

AF Acoustics will liaise with the Local Authority on your behalf to ensure that the acoustic assessment is specifically tailored to meet your needs and our comprehensive noise report, following the acoustic survey, will support your planning application with recommendations for improvement or remedial measures as necessary.

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