Noise Surveys

We are able to provide noise surveys and noise and vibration impact assessments for almost any scenario. Our detailed knowledge of local authority requirements allows us to complete an acoustic survey and report for planning applications within very short time frames. Below are a few of the types of assessments we undertake.

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BS4142 Noise Surveys

We undertake BS4142 noise assessments. These are usually required when introducing a new noise source near to residential receivers. A BS4142 assessment rates the likelihood of complaints from introducing a new noise source. This could be an assessment for noise sources such as air conditioning equipment, kitchen extract systems or other plant and machinery.

Residential Planning Noise Surveys

When applying for a new residential scheme your planning application may require an assessment of noise of existing noise sources affecting the proposed site. Typically, the types of noise sources which could affect your development would be nearby roads, railways or airports. We would normally undertake a noise survey and recommend mitigation methods from external noise sources to help your project through the planning process.

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Construction Noise Assessments

We can write construction noise assessments, Section 61s and undertake noise and vibration monitoring for your construction project to comply with guidance or local authority conditions. More councils are including requirements for monitoring of noise and vibration during demolition and construction phases of new projects. At AF Acoustics we have extensive experience of monitoring such noise levels. From site visits through to long term monitoring of noise and vibration for the life of a project.

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Noise Management Plans

Some councils require a Construction Management Plan (CMP) or a Section 61 assessment completed prior to the works. At AF Acoustics we are specialists with many years of experience at providing these assessments and management plans.

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